New Haydock Bible just published!
(09-08-2021, 12:33 PM)Ptochos Wrote: Thank you for this.
I found two places online offering this, neither of them in the US. Do you know a domestic source?
Also, have you used/seen this? I don't mind the hefty paper version but the tiny print is becoming next to impossible for me to read.

Here are a couple of more places:

Barnes and Noble

Rakuten: Kobo

I not only have seen it, but I use it for my daily readings! I like the fact that it is easy on the eyes, text can be enlarged, words can be looked up in the dictionary (at least on a Kindle) or ideas or other references can be searched on the web.  I have the original print copies too, but they are getting more difficult for my old self to handle.  Plus, I can have it while on vacation or at Bible study, or wherever I take my Kindle.  It is a good resource.  I have the Ignatius Study Bible on my Kindle too. But that is only the NT so far.  Still waiting for the OT.

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