New Haydock Bible just published!
The only thing I would be a bit careful about here is the question of what "updated" really means.

Is this just a word-for-word copy of the last revision (Law/Oakeley)? Where does this "extra material" come from?

This is one reason why Bibles always needed an imprimatur, and still do.

For instance, what if a group that erroneously thought that a 168-hour literal Creation narrative was Catholic dogma and other interpretations (permitted by the Church) were heresy? What if they took a Haydock Bible, modified or selectively added or removed notes to fit their viewpoint and included additional material promoting their errors?

What if the same thing happened with a neo-Modernist, trying to move some traditional Catholics away form orthodoxy towards heterodoxy?

So, it's good that such editions exists, but there are always questions that should hang over such things when they are not individually and directly approved by the Church, or exact photographic duplications of what was directly approved by the Church.

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