New Haydock Bible just published!
Thank you for the information.

I'd note that the document you cite, as well as Canon Law, specifically mention the need for a bishops' conference or the Holy See to approve translations of Scripture. A document like an eBook clearly falls under a public distribution. It needs to be approved, or at the very least, it should have some guarantee, usually by what is called a "Concordat" that it matches the original, and so the original imprimatur still applies. That can be granted by an individual bishop or equivalent.

For instance, nova & vetera, the German publisher, retypeset an edition of the 1962 Breviary and so they went to their local ordinary to get a certification that is printed in each copy. Simply because they scanned and OCRed the original, was not sufficient guarantee that the Breviary was legitimate.

So, I'd just renew my concern that even if this is a word-for-word reproduction, there still is some duty to ensure that what is published is guaranteed to not be heterodox. All it would take is a small error in an otherwise good publication to make it harmful. Scripture is one of the first places heretics introduce errors, as well.

Not saying this eBook is bad. Not at all. Just caveat emptor.
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