New Haydock Bible just published!
Yeah ... did Canon Law at seminary, and moral theology.

eBooks require some approval, else, what's the point of approvals?

I can distribute heresy via Kindle and it's okay, but print it and now, I've violated Canon Law?

Let's look at the principle, and not play the Pharisaic legalist here.

The reason the Church has required the approval of works distributed for public consumption is that, especially since printing, these have been quick and easy to distribute, and thus error easy to circulate. The Church has a duty to prevent theological or moral error from being distributed under guise of it being "Catholic" or "Christian". Thus, she instituted a system by which things that can be printed (i.e. easily distributed) for public use, must be approved if they touch on matters of faith, morals, Church history, theology, Scripture, philosophy, or Christian ethics. Certain of these are even more restricted so only a larger body of bishops or the Holy See can approve them, such a liturgical books or Scripture.

If that prohibition does not, at least by reason of morality, touch on electronic items for distribution, then this undermines the whole point of this protection and duty of the Church. Perhaps, legally, one could wiggle out that some electronic "print" in not really a book, and so technically does not fall under some Canon. I find that specious, but even were it true, there is a moral duty, and a grave one, to ensure that what is published, even electronically, has some guarantee that what it contains is in accordance with what it presumes to reproduce, or that, if new, it accords with the Catholic Faith and good morals.

If not, the absurd results : One is allowed to publish an electronic version of the heretical Jehovah's Witness "Bible" electronically, though it would be forbidden were it set to print. A more widely and easily accessible electronic version is not banned, though a less-accessible and more costly one is.
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