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(09-15-2021, 01:26 PM)Blind Horus Wrote: Once again: Pope Francis, help!
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(09-15-2021, 01:26 PM)Blind Horus Wrote: Pope Francis, help!

Lately he said: "Even in the Conclave there are anti-vax Cardinals, one of them contracted the virus (smiles)... In the Vatican everybody had their jab, apart from a minority and we're studying how to help them"
Apparently, we won't get much help from the Pope on this (and other matters).
Ipsam sequens non devias, ipsam rogans non desperas, ipsam cogitans non erras.
Quote:Apparently, we won't get much help from the Pope on this (and other matters).

A man must have his priorities and Pope Francis appears to be on a fool's errand to save the planet (and everyone knows we need to reduce the rabbit population to do that)
Oh, where are the snows of yesteryear!
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