La Palma volcano (Canary Islands) activity update: Yellow alert for Cumbre Vieja Volc
Update: I was not able to confirm any EQs on USGS. I could not get any overseas EQ info. At one point the page crashed and I had to restart all over, but still no reports. However, there is lots of activity listed on the European, EMSC-CSEM, version of USGS.

If this could be as FEMA predicted, with 10s of Millions of potential deaths on the whole east coast, maybe they don't want to start a panic, one they didn't instigate on their plans, like Plandemics. I get too cynical, this could become a real threat.


Just to add: I have never seen such numbers of 1.5 to 3.0. every few minutes, like 2 to 4. Swarms and seemingly unrelentingly so. If it hits there are a few short hours before it hits us in the USA. I hope people will be able to get out. Traffic is gonna be real, REAL bad and quick.
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