La Palma volcano (Canary Islands) activity update: Yellow alert for Cumbre Vieja Volc
I heard on a radio show last night, that the earth has been mostly silent for 24 hours, as in NO Earthquakes. The geologist said that the Tectonic Plates appear to have stopped. He speculated that pressure was building and what was once a continuous movement will have to soon restart, but when that happens, it could be a whimper or a series of very large EQs. It brings to mind what one of the visionaries of Fatima said, that she was shown an angel, with a flaming sword, being held back by Our Lady, from touching the center of the earth and causing great calamities. Could this be a prelude to the angel's act being now allowed?

Who knows. But it does give one pause to wonder.

Here's is a live video of La Palma's volcano. The island's government has issued a warning that the residents, still on the island, should be alert to the risk of a 6.0+ EQ at any time. Apparently, pressure is building from pent up steam, created by magma, filling areas where there are large pockets of water. If pressure is released, the explosion of that steam will be horrendous. Cubic liter, for cubic liter of water, turned instantly into steam, creates huge volumes of steam.

Things are rapidly deteriorating on the island today.

Video feed here:
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