La Palma volcano (Canary Islands) activity update: Yellow alert for Cumbre Vieja Volc
Back in the last century, Tesla was working on a device in his Manhattan apartment lab. It was a kind or resonator that tended to build intensity as it ran. It began to shake the ground so violently that the police were called to his lab and destroyed his device, before it wrecked havoc on the building and neighborhood. Tesla's EQ resonating device worked...a bit too well from its infancy.

Today, much of his technological feats have been modified and tuned to become real life threats. Russia and the USA were able to seize much of his work after his death.

Could what is going on at La Palma be 'artificially' induced? It does seem quite the coincidental event. Now there are some pictorial overlays that tend to support this idea. In nature, things tend to be straight lines or angles.

Check out these screenshots:

This has a bad odor about it and it ain't sulfur dioxide from the volcano.

I tried to link directly to the photos, but it is blocked, so you'll have to go to the article itself to see this. It is quite compellingly obvious as to its artificiality.
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