La Palma volcano (Canary Islands) activity update: Yellow alert for Cumbre Vieja Volc
(10-25-2021, 01:54 PM)BobCatholic Wrote: So the tsunami is not coming?  When this thread started people were worried about this. 

Seems the volcano erupted "correctly" as not to make a tsunami?

The thread has had some comments that sort of were off-topic, which I am sure was accidental. Fact is, the eruption of the volcano(s) on La Palma has added some complications to the event. What is most worrisome, is a very large area of land, about the size of Manhattan Island, that is apparently 'loose' and has slid in the past, but stopped. The volcanic activity is a complication. It was thought that EQs would loosen the structure and start a slide of all that mass of soil, to slide at astonishing speed (it is packed up over 6,000 feet high), into the Atlantic Ocean which is thought would create a massive, fast moving tsunami. Personally, being in Florida, I've had an interest in it since the last alert in the late 70's, where a slide began and ended prior to causing a disaster.

Most of the reports on this phenomena, are worse case scenarios. The tidal wave could hit the east coast of North and South America and the Caribbean Islands, with the force of just a ripple of a wave to a monster of 150 feet tall wave moving at 500 mph. One can only hope that what actions are taking place now, with many EQs and volcanism, will mitigate any effects away from the Island.
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