Roman Ritual discrepancy?
I have a physical copy of Weller's Roman Ritual (3 volume edition, 1952; 2008 reprint), and was looking for online versions of it, but the latter besides being incomplete (the volume on Exorcism and Christian Burial is missing), the language has been 'modernized' (e.g. 'thou' etc replaced by 'you'). This is the online version I found:

I couldn't find much on the change, other than it appears the 1964 edition was modernized. 
Can anyone confirm? And does anyone know of a site with the complete original 1952 text?
"Good above all good, and Beautiful above all beautiful; peaceful repose, Peace, Concord and Union of all souls; compose the dissensions which divide us from one another, and lead them back to an union with charity, which has a kind of similitude to Thy sublime essence: and as Thou art One above all, and we, one, through the unanimity of a good mind; that we may be found before Thee simplex and not divided, whilst celebrating this mystery; and that through the embraces of Charity and bonds of Love, we may be spiritually one, both with ourselves and with one another, through that Thy Peace pacifying all; through the Grace and Compassion and Love towards man of Thine Only-begotten Son; through Whom, and with Whom is due to Thee, Glory, honour and dominion, with Thy Most Holy Spirit." - Liturgy of Dionysus
Are you looking for a translation or the original Latin?

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