Homemakers..do you use a planner
Wouldn’t call mine a planner, but I have “the book.” It starts out as a bullet journal and then quickly devolves into an extremely flexible place to list & prioritize tasks, shopping lists, details of important phone calls, etc. I try to note everything i need to remember in this one book to prevent searching for random pieces of paper. I go back through it at regular intervals to see if anything still needs doing. I also have ONE “in box” where all important papers, mail, documents, bills, etc go. I go through it about weekly and take whatever action is needed, or write it down as a task in “the book.” And there is ONE drawer for “to be filed” papers. I go through it one once or twice a year and find that at least half of it can be discarded. For a calendar I use the one in my phone. The reason we call it “the book” is the job i had when my kids were little provided a very nice yearly planner/address book & EVERYTHING was written in it - kept it near at all times, but if i ever lost track of it, household panic ensued & my kids would scramble to help “find The Book!” That was before smart(stupid)-phone days.
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