I do not know what my vocation.
(09-23-2021, 11:30 AM)Anon777 Wrote: I do not know what my vocation is in life. I am not smart for religious life, and I cannot bear marriage. I see no vocation for me.
Religious life is not about being smart. It is about being prayerful. PERIOD!
"This guy gets it." Fan mail I've received.
(10-14-2021, 07:40 PM)joegrane Wrote: Brother Andre was also a porter in his community.  

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The edit button comes and goes as it wishes.
Sometimes there, sometimes not.
"Civilization is always in danger when those who have never learned to obey are given the right to command."
Bishop Fulton J Sheen 

“Tradition is so strong, that future generations will dream of what they never saw.” — G.K. Chesterton
All Catholics have a Universal Vocation. That is to know and love God, through his son, Jesus Christ. It is to keep the Commandments. It is to do good works as a fruit of our faith.
If this most basic tenet is missing... Nothing you try and build upon it (marriage, priesthood, monastic or a single life) will hold firm.

Right now it seems like you have trouble getting to Church and the Sacraments due to hostility from family and your age. My suggestion would be to work on ways of getting yourself into a position to practice freely. From there you can really start to ask questions.

It is worth adding that a Single life is an acceptable third way. Not everyone fits into one of the above three ways of living a Catholic life - and truthfully, I suspect far too many people have been coerced into these choices for fear of putting shame on their family. The results, as we know, speak for themselves. The divorce rate is shocking, as are the statistics on sexual abuse in the Church - so many lives needlessly ruined by people who should never have gotten married, joined the priesthood or entered a monastery.
This is why it is important to seek spiritual direction or the vocations director and be completely honest with them.
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