Competitive moms
I have had enough over the years. God made us all beautifully made.

Not to compete through Thier kids..I can't stand it.
Each child has Thier own gifts, and should thank God.

 Used to be like that with my older my youngest, I'm in my 40s and just tell her to her best and she gets good grades..

My eyes glaze over as mom's brag. 

What about you!
My kids are all grown now and some have grandchildren of their own.....but I do remember one woman who bragged a great deal about many things. Her son was about nine years old. I would just listen or sometimes say "that's nice". She bragged about herself and her accomplishments as well.

Perhaps it is insecure feelings she has? I think back and say to myself.....I should have tried to change the subject. We weren't close friends.
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