Hypothetical for Sedevacantists
Imagine Francis by a miracle suddenly made a complete U-turn (ie. renounce V2, ban NO, reinstate TLM). Any speck of modernism is driven out. All during his Papacy.

In this hypothetical, would a sedevacantist cease being one solely based on Francis' actions? Or does something additional need to be done, such as another Vatican conclave being called? As I understand, most sedevacantists dont view the post-concilliar Popes as having started out as true Popes then falling, but rather having never occupied the Chair in the first place. 

I think a Francis U turn sounds like a sufficient enough recovery for the sedeprivationist, but Im not so sure about the sedevacantist.

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Most sedevacantists I know, including myself would probably accept him. We believe that the post conciliar popes have generally been validly elected, but lost the papal authority due to heresy. Some might believe he would need to be re-ordained and consecrated as a bishop though.
I'd love to see the Holy Father suddenly strutting around in the Papal Tiara, excommunicating Germans whenever one crosses his path.
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