For me to understand prudence
I do not understand the virtues behind prudence. I do not know if I am prudent or not or whatever. It is too abstract. Is it sinful If I am unable to do much of prudence because of howΒ my brain works.Β  I cannot see 'gray' only black and white, and I am lacking in docility maybe Idk IΒ am not certain. I do not know what god put me here for other than being a flesh and bloodΒ robot. Vox made a pdf plan on planning and prudence. Ie Whether it is good or not, to think 5-10 years ahead. I can't think like that. It is too abstract.

"If we do not supply the chains, who will chain the supplies?"

Karl Marx I PROMISE it will work this time Vol 3

"Mein Fuhrer, I can walk!"

A German...possibly

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