Movie Recomendations
This is my first post so here we go.

I was wondering what movies you all think are good. Please send suggestions.
Welcome, AdTeIoseph,
what kind of movies do you like, generally speaking? Are you looking for recommendations in a particular genre?
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I hardly ever watch movies. A year ago or so I watched "Murder, she said" (based on a book by Agatha Christie). Three months ago I watched "going my way" (which is actually a musical though). This is the last two movies I've watched and I've found them very interesting.
Ores, casta legas, jejunes otia vites si servare velis corpora casta Deo.
My go to movies are:

-The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
-Groundhog Day
-Deja Vu
-The Rite
-Captain America
-The Quiet Man
-Serenity (Firefly movie)

And if you like horror movies with a Catholic bent:
-The Exorcist
-The Conjuring movies, especially the first two.
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