Money as heavy chains? More isn't better
I have never been "rich", at least as the term is usually applied in the U.S., though for many in the world, living in a safe and warm home with sufficient food would be considered as such.
I have lived at various points on the income scale, from low income to modestly comfortable. I am currently not working full time, so our income is reduced at this time.
In hindsight, having a bit more obviously makes life easier but not necessarily better.
To explain, not worrying about paying the electric bill is obviously better than hoping you have the funds when it's due.
Simply having more money available is in itself neither good or bad. Having more does remove a pressure point but doesn't inherently make you a happier person.
Too many people get caught up in the pursuit of more and are never quite satisfied with their present condition.
I think that spending your life in constant striving for the next level simply for the sake of accumulating more is also damaging to yourself and also to the long term development of your family and children if you have them.
Everyone has problems in their lives.
We have been indoctrinated that money will fix anything and the media presents the rich as having the world by the tail.
Observation of the rich and all of the mental health, substance abuse, serial marriages, etc. that they go through tells us that that isn't necessarily true.
"Civilization is always in danger when those who have never learned to obey are given the right to command."
Bishop Fulton J Sheen 

“Tradition is so strong, that future generations will dream of what they never saw.” — G.K. Chesterton

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