Money as heavy chains? More isn't better
I would argue that money is a neutral, neither more is better nor more is worse. Money is a mirror though.

The more you have, the more the true self of a person is revealed. Money allows for a person to make their inner most desires become a reality. Think on it in both good and bad. On the good, large amounts of money is what financed missions, built churches, and allowed for the salvation of generations of souls. Many have the desire to spread the faith to the ends of the earth, to help build churches all over, but few if any have the means to see it through physically (ie, finance it). Think about a person that lives a quiet, good life, accumulates alot of money through moral means, and funds the creation of a church. The number of baptisms, marriages, conversions then, for generations to come, are given a physical avenue to happen, that church, due to the money that person was able to get.

Now, on the bad. We see this all the time. People all have temptations, desires etc that are evil. However, most people dont have any means of actually acting on them, as we dont have that power. Money though, allows a person to now act on those desires. Think of Hollywood, and the evils that have come to light there, for just one example.

Money gives man the means to see his base desires, wishes etc, come to reality. If they are geared on God, then the good that will come from it will stretch for generations. If those desires are not of God, then it will allow a person to corrupt themselves far more then someone with little money.
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