Money as heavy chains? More isn't better
Well money isn't a virtue. There's no 'correct' or 'middle' amount of money to have. So I think it's a mistake to approach this by looking at money itself. Your interior state and relationship to God is what matters.
That being said, I think that poverty is the way to go for most people. Not because money is evil (it's neutral), but because most can't handle it prudently.
I personally think the passage where an otherwise virtuous rich man was told to sell all and follow Christ doesn't literally mean that money in itself is going to keep you from Heaven, but your attachment to it will. The rich man couldn't let go of his wealth.
By contrast, the widow's mite, though a tiny amount in currency, was a large amount in the eyes of Christ. She gave all she had, totally detached from worldly goods.

(10-13-2021, 01:25 PM)MagisterMusicae Wrote: I recall a priest once saying, and I think it is so true, "Money is dirt; but money is useful dirt."
I think this is the opposite of true. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the quote, but money has no inherent use. Try to eat some. Dirt is useful. All real wealth comes from the dirt, it is the source of our food and trees.
Of course, I agree that it is useful insofar as everyone agrees to use it as a medium of trade / token of value.

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