Some thoughts on the Armenian Orthodox
I was doing a little research on the sacrament of penance in the Armenian Orthodox Church and came across this article:

I read past the section about their version of confession and certain points struck me, specifically sections 8, 9, and 11, concerning the singing of the liturgy, the value of repetition, and their pride in using Classical Armenian, rather than Modern Armenian or another vernacular language in the liturgy. Comparing this with the attitude of many Catholics today shows a stark contrast, especially since many of those Catholics applaud these things in other faith traditions while shunning them in their own. I don’t have much else to add. I wish the Church as a whole would take a lesson from the Armenian playbook, and, you know, what VII actually said about the liturgy. I wonder if the Armenian Catholic Church is similar in outlook (I’m not thinking of switching rites, just curious).
I'm reminded of a conversation I read about between a Latin Catholic Bishop and an Orthodox Bishop. They had just attended an Orthodox Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom and the Latin was gushing about how beautiful and how venerable it was and how they shouldn't change anything.

The Orthodox Bishop replied, 'You had an equally beautiful and venerable Liturgy of St Gregory the Dialogist. Why did you destroy it?'
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I was recently surprised to discover that the Armenian church practices general confession rather than individual confession for the most part. This seems to be an emergency practice that developed during the Ottoman persecutions that never went away after the persecution was over. There is an Armenian blogger who is a convert to Eastern Orthodoxy because of this. He says that most Armenians never go to individual confession anymore, and the church allows this.
It is a peculiar perversity that certain liberal liturgists can see the beauty and transcendence in the Divine Liturgies of the East and be diabolically opposed to the same in the traditional liturgies of the West. This Orthodox Christian does not understand this attitude at all.
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My nearby Armenian parish has a triritual overworked priest who offers confession in the Ukrainian or Roman rite. Y’know, when you’re a tiny rite....

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