Breastmilk Question
Mothers who nursed their babies, did you notice a difference in what you ate and the gassiness/fussiness of your baby? Some people say that what you eat affects your breastmilk but other people say it doesn't really. I don't eat gluten or sugar but my 2-month old is the gassiest kid I've ever encountered. He'll scream for hours and let out adult-sized farts (lol. but seriously, it's distressing for both of us). The only thing I think it could be might be dairy...which I don't know if I could give up since I live on meat and cheese and little else (carnivore diet). 

Thanks ladies.
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Yes, it affects them. I think dairy is the likely suspect. 

When I ate garlicy hummus, my babies’ exhaled breath would reek of garlic lol. My drinking green tea made them fidgety. Of course, each baby’s reaction will be different, but plenty of what mom ingests goes into her milk. One of my babies did what we used to call “truck driver farts,” it was crazy how much noise could come from a little baby! Milk was the culprit.
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My son was gassy when I ate brassicas (broccoli, cabbage, etc.) and my daughter was very sensitive to dairy. It was almost impossible for me to give up those foods too because I don't eat processed sugar either! And I found the mylicon drops to be pretty useless, especially for my daughter. My son grew out of his sensitivity pretty quickly, though. Maybe yours will too!! I know it's hard. I feel for you both. <3
Re: dairy — I’m allergic to it (but used it up until a few years ago, when reactions amped up to angry hives) there are pretty good substitutes I use regularly: almond, cashew, oat, & coconut milks. My recent fave is cashew milk yogurt by the brand Forager. I get the plain kind (no sugar) & add fruits, berries, chia seeds, shredded coconut, etc. It’s not too hard to make your own nut and oat milks. And any of them can be turned into yogurt by adding probiotic powder to them & letting them culture overnight. I don’t know about fake cheeses, never use them. (If I cheat & have a little dairy, cheese is my first choice, preferably on a pizza.) 

Just in case anyone is considering cutting back on cow’s milk…

ETA: chia pudding is easy & delicious - coconut milk, chia seeds, pure vanilla & maple syrup - in the fridge overnight.

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