mRNA Vax Inventor's Vatican Meeting
Dr. Robert Malone says he recently had a meeting with a high ranking Vatican Cardinal Turkson about Covid-19 and the vaccines.   His description of the meeting is in this 10 minute segment.

For those not familiar with Dr Malone.  He invented the core technology for the mRNA vaccines.  He is a former med school prof.  He's certainly not anti-vax!  He was working at the Salk Institute at a time when J. Salk, inventor of the polio vaccine was still there. However he has serious problems with the current vaccine and pandemic policies both from a medical and ethical perspective.  His twitter feed is an interesting resource. 

The following are my **rough**notes from the video.

Most of the world is unvaxed.  @32min 
Spoke to Vatican cardinal in charge of Covid.  His Catholic friends got him in. 
spent an hour with him.  
church is aware that vax have risk but did not discuss the issue in depth.
Not aware that vax have issue of short durability and fairly frequent breakthroughs. 
They are receiving Pfizer at Vatican.  Not attuned to latest info on early treatment. 
He shared the information with the cardinal.
Pope seems tight with Dr Fauci. 
The vatican committees that are setup are receiving filtered points of view.
Explain benefits of outpatient interventions.  He had some awareness of this.
[ Note:  HCQ Ivermectin, Vitamin D, Fluvoxamine were in my initial notes but when I went back today to review the clip for this post  It seemed the video had been cut and those medicines had been removed from the video]
Cardinal took many notes.    Nothing said about action items. 
Equity issue.  Church driving the issue and pushing global vax equity.  @39min
He shared that there is appearance of economic imperialism going on with vax deployment, being used strategically to advance political agendas,   
Card.  is aware of distribution chain complicated by opportunistic economic activities.
He did not focus on adverse events related to vax. 
He was trying to nudge them away from universal vax, to vax for the high risk people.
Risk to elders who are repository for knowledge in many world communities.
Encouraging Church to present moral leadership.
They supported Universal Vax as selfless service to larger community. 
Dr. Malone not making a buck on all of the podcasts as service to community.
If we had perfect vaccines, the sacrifice for common good would make sense,
People believed that it would get us to normality and full protection. But can't get there with these vaccines, not sufficiently potent or durable to get us there 
What will things be like in 6 months?  
He thinks we will become more like Israel.  Vaxed getting sick and ending up in hospital.   @45min 
The social contract will be destroyed--taking risk for common good.  people will realize they've been  misled. 
Around Jan/Feb during seasonal infections, probably new variant.
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"Grats" on a great post as well as your summary!

Too few people are listening the advise and testimony of this very important doctor, one who was key and well known in the invention of the mRNA technology.
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Even more recently Dr Malone talked about the FDA's poor handling of the long-known, potentially deadly antibody dependent enhancement or similar risks associated with coronavirus vaccines.

The risk of unpredictable ADE is reason enough for someone without virus high risk to refuse the vaccine. There is too much evidence that medium and low risk people can do well with early, outpatient treatments from and similar telemedicine groups and some brave local doctors.

Malone said he found it especially “shocking” that the FDA never insisted that Pfizer rule out the historical problem associated with spike-based coronavirus vaccines, a phenomenon called vaccine enhanced infection of disease (a subset is called antibody-dependent enhancement). It’s a problem that created a huge fiasco in the Philippines in 2017 when several lawmakers and health officials were indicted for their roles in promoting Sanofi’s Dengvaxia vaccine that led to the deaths of hundreds of vaccinated Philippine children who developed a particularly severe reaction to the Dengue virus when they encountered the real virus after vaccination against it.

“Any vaccinologist knows that this is always a risk when you develop a new vaccine, that you end up with something that makes the disease worse or the infection more efficient,” Malone said. “It has historically been the risk that has bedeviled all prior coronavirus vaccine development and it was specifically identified by the FDA as a risk in their Emergency Use Authorizations letters for these vaccines.”

While the agencies were well aware of the danger, they never insisted on trials being conducted or data proving that the vaccines were free of the potentially devastating risk, “so we don’t know at this point whether or not there is vaccine-enhanced disease going on with these vaccines. There are some signs in the data particularly with delta, that this remains a possibility,” Malone said.
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