Using the rosary as a birthing technique
Hi! I'm a recent convert and up till now I have had both an induced/epidural birth and a natural birth both of which were in the hospital. But one of the women in my MOMS ministry group last week mentioned that she and another mom she knew had used meditation on the rosary to get through birthing at home, as well as bible verse affirmations. So I'm wondering if anyone else has used this type of prayerful meditation to get through labor pains and offer them up to God? Also if anyone has any other suggestions for how they applied prayer and scripture to their natural birthing/home birthing I'd love any advice. Thank you!
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My wife and I prayed a few rosaries during the last few hours of her most recent labor. While our last baby was born in a hospital, my wife had a VBAC against her OB-GYN's (unnecessary) recommendation and refused an epidural.  I thought that, among other things, praying the rosary presented a Catholic witness to those who were present. 

We found a rosary YouTube channel and let it play on my wife's phone. That allowed us to be hands-free and drift in and out of the heavenly rhythm when necessary.
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What a great idea.
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It's a great plan, but if things go sideways and get hairy, you may have to change the plan. Just give yourself permission to change your mind if you need to. 

I was one of those nuts that was really into giving birth, but my labors were fast so I don't judge anyone who needs meds or does things differently than I did. 

What helped me the most was focusing on having profound gratitude for everything that happened and thanking God for everything, even the rough stuff. The gratitude will help minimize fear. I learned that in an old hippy book "Spiritual Midwifery." Bringing life into the world is so awesome! 

Try not to think of the contractions as painful; think of them as powerful (!) and allow them to happen, like riding a wave at the beach. Don't fight them; open out to them. 

Speedy delivery to you!
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For my second baby, I was laboring in the car on the way to the hospital and I said Hail Marys as soon as a contraction started until it ended. :) I credit Our Lady with helping me with that birth, since I 1) gave birth in the parking lot and 2) baby was breech. I also remember praying something along the lines of, "Please help me unite my labor pains with Christ's death on the cross, etc." I really recommend praying through labor!
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I wanted a natural birth with my first baby, but it ended in an emergency c section and my son was in the NICU for days. The only thing I really remember was lying on the table as they were cutting me open and praying to St. Joseph. I couldn’t even really formulate a proper prayer to him...I just kept whispering “St. Joseph, help me...St. Joseph, don’t let me baby die...” St. Joseph came through for me and everything turned out ok in the end. Just don’t forget to pray to our good father St. Joseph. He was there at the marvelous birth, and he will be at your birth too.

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