Wh n do I get a fish?
There's no need to donate for an upgrade to the forum; the costs of that would be extremely high (it'd take serious man-hours -- at geek rates -- to import all the old data and databases and such), and there's no way I'd collect enough. So if folks are wanting to donate to keep the site up and running, that's great (and very appreciated), but don't donate with the expectation that there'll be a forum re-haul (well, unless you're a millionaire or something and could buy such a re-haul outright or something, ha); unless I win the lottery or something, that's not likely to happen. Especially since I don't buy lottery tickets LOL

-- But thinking about all that, whom would I even contact to do such work? Theoretically, where would I look in today's equivalent of "The Yellow Pages" to find someone to do forum stuff? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?
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