The first Thanksgiving was in Florida
Happy Thanksgiving!

The first Thanksgiving did not involve Pilgrims.  It was held in 1565 in St. Augustine, Florida, between Spaniards and Indians.  A Mass of thanksgiving was offered.

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And the second, still before the heretics landed at Plymouth Rock, was in Canada, a yearly Feast with Mass and all the feasting, beginning in 1604.
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Yay! I share this (the Tradition in Action version) with my students every year.  Thanks for this one now.
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And Squanto was a Roman Catholic!
Thanks for posting this. Very few know about this event and where it took place. I live about 50 miles west of St. Augustine and visited there many times. Our Diocese is centered there and has a magnificent Cathedral there as well. I have some photos of the site of the first Mass, but I can't locate those photos right now. There is a permanent Altar at the site and they have outdoor Mass there on occasion. This area is very interesting and for me, quite inspirational a place to visit.
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