Texans...where should we move?
We would like to relocate in the near future from the Pacific Northwest to a place where we can find lots of Spanish/English bilingual folks and plenty of Catholic culture. Reasonable cost of living and a not-hyper-progressive political climate. Good Mexican food is a bonus.

Where are some good spots in TX for a working class Mexican + American soon-to-be empty nester couple seeking the above? I'm a teacher and maybe want to check out some places this summer.

The weather is gonna be rough; not so fond of the sauna-like heat and humidity. But pretty much any place that has a cultural climate we like doesn't have a physical climate we are fond of (and vice versa). We love the PNW weather and topography but cannot handle the out of control lefty politics and culture.
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It's not TX tough fits a portion of the criteria you mentioned.
Kind folks there , just felt lead to share and lift them up in this moment .
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I think traditional communities are usually good. Maybe check out reviews for parishes in Texas and see which location seems most appealing to you? Then join an online group and visit the location in order to meet and talk to people before making a final decision.

(Of course Texans will know their state better than I do, this is just where I would start if I were moving.)
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In north texas, check out Stephenville and Pilot Point. In south texas, try Montgomery, Magnolia, or Cut n Shoot. Please PM me if you have questions. We lived in texas for a while.

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