How Widespread Do You Believe Satanism & The Occult Really Are ?
(06-21-2022, 05:15 PM)Whitey Wrote: I'm retired but work a couple of shifts a week at a church security desk. It's not uncommon for people with satanic symbols on their clothing to come in and look around. I always tell them to stay out of the sanctuary.

We have two full skeletal remains of martyrs in display. Sts. Magnus and Bonosa. They appear to be the attraction for these people.

Had one guy who for months would come here after dark and walk around the perimeter of the church in the church yard. Never came inside and he was always dressed in black. Shoes, everything. One night he came in and went to the front Pew and sat down and I gave him the benefit of the doubt that he might actually be praying. I stepped outside for a moment and came back in to find the guy in the sanctuary sitting in one of the priests chairs kicked back on his phone. So I went and told him to get out of the sanctuary and he mumbled something and left and I haven't seen him since.

We had a witch living across the street from the rectory who put a large sign in front of her house. Witches against racism.  She moved not long after that. Not sure why.

Anyhow, I've seen people into the occult for years around here. Actually saw a guy with an inverted pentagram hanging around his neck pumping gas today. Tee-shirt with occult symbols as well.
That's wild.  I haven't seen anybody wearing satanic stuff or even wearing black or death metal shirts for probably over 20 years, but than again i don't frequent churches after dark. I suppose as a security guy you'd see a lot more.  

That's a subculture that's usually pretty secretive and fringe as it is, so maybe they only come out at night. 

Years ago I saw Deicide play St. Andrews Hall (an old church turned concert venue) in Detroit and it was like being surrounded by guys with corpsepainted faces, Baphomet tattoos and full size upside down wall crucifixes suspended from their necks on chains.  I think the singer for that band actually burned an upside down cross onto his forehead or something.  It was wild.
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We see it all here. The church is located downtown and there is a nearby liberal neighborhood. I'm sure that neighborhood is where most of the satanists/pagans come from.

Homeless folks, violence, panhandlers that try to come in and ask for money from people praying, people running in here being chased by police. My supervisor finally listened to me after a guy came running in here being chased by a kid with a gun. Thankfully the kid didn't see him come in but was in the church yard looking for the guy who ran in. My co-worker saw him on the camera and also saw the police in the alley looking for him. Called 911 and told them where the kid was. They caught him and he surrendered without a fuss.

Now we keep the front doors locked except for Sunday masses.

I have to lock the door when I make my rounds. The local panhandlers will run up in here when they see me leave lol.

On the positive side, I'm Catholic and get to work in a antebellum church that was never tampered with after VII. Holy Face shrine I can see from my desk and Veronica on the wall behind me !
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The church I go to was home to High Church Lutherans before it was taken over by the FSSP. So it’s not some weird spaceship looking place.
(06-22-2022, 06:56 PM)choosetowitness Wrote: The church I go to was home to High Church Lutherans before it was taken over by the FSSP. So it’s not some weird spaceship looking place.
Most traditional Lutheran churches put most 'modern' NO Catholic Churches to shame. I believe St Philippine Duchesne, the FSSP Church in the KC Metro, was a Lutheran Church prior to its consecration.
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2 leading Exorcists...Fathers Vincent Lampert and Chad Ripperger have said demonic activity is on the rise. No need for opinions...they said it and thats it
(Yesterday, 07:23 AM)OrthoCath7 Wrote: 2 leading Exorcists...Fathers Vincent Lampert and Chad Ripperger have said demonic activity is on the rise. No need for opinions...they said it and thats it

Well, it's their personal view and they ain't dogmas of the faith, so... to have opinions is ok.
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In this age of ours, when the Devil is thought by many to be an imaginary rather than a real being. . .

D O N ' T faafo

Quote: A gentleman of our acquaintance happened, in the year 1858, to be in a town of the department of Vienne. At a party of friends to which he had been invited, the conversation got on the subject of table-turning, and some of the company began to relate the extraordinary effects they themselves had produced last year. Of course, there were some of the company who laughed at it all – but the conversation ended in their all agreeing to meet in the same house on the following day at noon, when they would see if they could produce any of these strange wonders. Several expressed a scruple on the subject, as to whether one is quite right in having anything to do with such matters; all however came at the appointed hour and the business was fearlessly begun, the customary forms all being carefully gone through. For two long hours were they at work without the slightest result there was no use in trying any longer, but before separating they ventured to express their various opinions as to the cause of this unusual refusal of the spirits to hold any communication. One of the party, a Miss N., expressed her own conviction that the Medals she carried about her, and especially the Medal of S. Benedict, had something to do with it. Another attempt was proposed and agreed to – all were to meet again the next day at eight o’clock in the evening. Miss N., who had left all her Medals at home, refused, when the party had assembled, to take any active part in the operations, for she felt that she had no longer the same protection, and she kept herself as far off as she could from the company, who had already begun their experiments.

In less than half an hour the table began to shake, then to crack: signs that it was going to move of itself. One of the party, a physician, agreed that when it wished to speak, it should strike one of the legs against the floor, twice for yes, and once for no. In a moment or two it raised itself somewhat from the floor: all were delighted, and they began putting their questions. These at last were on trifling subjects, and then the following questions regarding the silence of the previous day.

Q. “Why did you not speak yesterday? Was it because Miss N–. had her Medal of the Blessed Virgin?”
A. “No,”

Q. “Was it because she had her Medal of S. Benedict?”
A. “Yes.” (The two knocks were very loud).

Q. “Would the Medal of the Blessed Virgin have prevented your coming?”
A. “No.” It was the case that almost all who were present always wore both the Medal and the Scapular of our Lady.* They then passed on to other questions.

Q. “What is your name? The table then knocked the floor, as had been agreed, when those letters of the alphabet were pronounced which spelt the words required: first it was at S, then at A, then at T. It was unnecessary to be told more, and everyone understood the word before the table had finished the letters, “SATAN.” Several of the party were terrified and left the ring, but the others, who needed more than this to alarm them, went on with their questions. Some of these were on religious and some on scientific subjects, but not one single answer was elicited and twice did the table throw itself completely on the floor, which done, it again began to turn as before. One of the party put this question, “Will you return to-morrow?” The answer was ‘ Yes.” On the same person asking “at what o’clock?” The table gave twelve strokes.

Q. “Do you mean twelve at noon?”
A. “No.”

Q. “Twelve at night?”
A. “Yes.”

It would be too long to give here all the other answers which were made to the various questions but the impression made on the persons present was great, and it was impossible for them to doubt who the mysterious agent is who thus communicates with men by means of this “Table-Turning.” The party broke up at eleven, and each one resolved to wear, from that time forward, the Medal of S. Benedict

^--- Spiritualism; very prevalent in the post Civil War United States. People trying to make contact with lost sons who had 'passed to the other side' (including Mary Todd Lincoln) opened many doors that have led to today's problems.

Here's a good idea

Quote:In the year 1666, the Castle of Maillot, not many miles from Besançon, was infested by devils. Its inmates were being continually alarmed by hearing strange noises, and numbers of their cattle were dying from unknown distempers. At length such was the terror, that the building was abandoned. Some pious persons recommended the Medal of S. Benedict being hung up here and there on the walls of the Castle, and the event justified their confidence. Instantly all cause of fear disappeared, the house was perfectly quiet, and the inmates lived in it henceforward without being molested

Shit's real
Oh, where are the snows of yesteryear!
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Yes it's real.

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