E.coli and Economics
JLeigh, in the raw milk thread, you made this statement, which reminded me of something my sister, Sharon wrote recently on her blog.  (got the text fixed for ya- mod.)
Quote: There is a huge outbreak going on right now that has been traced to spinach. Should they ban raw spinach now? Or raw apples maybe? People have died from contaminated cooked chicken and beef. Did they make meat consumption illegal? No.
Monday, September 25, 2006 A little perspective on spinach - E. coli
According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), E. coli leads to about 73,000 cases of infection - including 61 deaths - every year in the US.

We're hearing a LOT about Spinach with it's under 200 cases of infection and 1 death - but have you ever heard about the 73,000 cases and annual 61 deaths? Most of these 73,000 cases and 61 deaths are related to hamburger (undercooked).

Where are the hysterical screamers and alarmists to warn us of the dangers of E. coli in contaminated beef?

It's economics, of course. Can you IMAGINE if beef was pulled off all grocery shelves for 2+ weeks? Wall Street matters much MORE than 73,000 cases of infection with 61 deaths. But you knew that.

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I think there has been a lot of ruckus about beef and chicken- in many places it is illegal for restaurants to cook meat "to order" and the ones that still do, have to have a disclaimer that you could get E.coli if you order rare meat.  I am pretty sure that all packaging has the warning on it as well.
Very interesting, Sophia. Not so in Oklahoma, at least not yet...I'll be watching.
catheotimus Wrote:Very interesting, Sophia. Not so in Oklahoma, at least not yet...I'll be watching. -R
Nor in Michigan but I would still not order any store or restaurant meat raw anyway though I don't usually eat meat out anyway because it's not grass-fed. Grain feeding makes the animals' bodies acidic and a breeding ground for germs. These cases of bacterial sicknesses would not have happened if all meats were truly organic and grass-fed and all produce were organic as well but first the soil must be replenished with the proper trace minerals and the important macro minerals too such as magnesium which our soils are more depleted of than selenium.

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