First time to Latin Mass; need etiquette tips
Since my first post I've been continually studying and growing my faith & confidence in Christ and the truth of the church He established. I'm finally at home this weekend, so I'll be making my first attendance this Sunday to High Mass at a church near me.

I am baptized (in a Southern Baptist church), but I have had no contact with the Catholic church, so I am not confirmed or a catechumen, I think. Is that an "official" classification, or is anyone earnestly striving towards confirmation a catechumen?

Anyway, the church I grew up in was proper enough (thank God) that I know how to dress appropriately and pay general respect while in attendance, but I don't know how to conduct myself through the specifics of Catholic mass. The few times I've attended other (Novus Ordo) masses before, I accidentally obstructed people multiple times when they went up for communion and came back. Is there an ideal place for someone like me (unconfirmed) to sit or stand so I'm not in the way?

I'd appreciate any other important words of advice on what to expect, do; etcetera. Thanks!
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Just dress nice. Ideally a full suit with jacket and tie is recommended. I recommend sitting as close to the middle aisle as you can, just so you can see better. I wouldn't recommend using a missal on your first time as it will be hard to follow along with since you really don't have any reference for what's going on. Just watch and listen. If it's a low mass, you'll be kneeling most of the time, but if it's a high/sung mass, there's a little more sitting as well. When it comes to communion, you'll have to make room for the others in your pew to get out. Most people can just scoot their legs over and let the people get passed them, but if you're a big guy like me, you'll have either step out of the pew to let them pass and then return to your spot.
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(01-14-2022, 12:34 PM)Bataar Wrote: Most people can just scoot their legs over and let the people get passed them, but if you're a big guy like me, you'll have either step out of the pew to let them pass and then return to your spot.

Yeah... It could just be that the church I visited was particularly narrow, but on account of me being 6'4" I managed to obstruct people coming out of the pew, the line in the middle aisle, and people coming back afterwards. I'll definitely sit towards the aisle to make things easier.

In Baptist services, there's no sacrament on display or to enter the aisle for, so people sit at the middle of the pews to make room and space themselves from others. Just a habit I had, I suppose.
Just wear your best if you don't have a suit, it's fine. This video below is in a Novus Ordo parish, but what the guy shows is basically the same as you'd do at the TLM. Oh, and go ahead and bless yourself with the holy water if you like. 

If you're going to the SSPX with a lady, she'll need a modest skirt or dress and  a head covering. Really at any Latin Mass women usually do this, but at the SSPX it's required.

Enjoy! God bless!

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Just do what everyone else does, except going up for communion.  Sit far enough back so you can follow the people in front of you.

At communion time, you can get up and step out of the pew to let people pass you, then resume kneeling in your place.
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I advise sitting toward the back or the middle so you can just do what the folks in front of you are doing. If you sit in the front pew, you'll have no one to emulate. Otherwise, these pages might help:
T h e   D u d e t t e   A b i d e s
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Thanks everyone. I went this morning and it was absolutely incredible.
I was extremely surprised at how young the general attendance was, from couples with small children to people who looked around my age. I didn't go to the after-mass meetup since I was feeling out of sorts from a bad fever/sinus infection this week (the incense burned my nose quite bad, hah), but I certainly will next week.
I am committed to attending every Sunday and all other occasions as much as possible, hopefully for the rest of my life! I can tell this is the answer to my hunger.
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Absolutely wonderful! Welcome home to Christ's Church!
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I recommend that you sit toward the back. Get up when everybody gets up. Sit down when everybody sits down. Kneel when everybody kneels. With that everything should be ok.

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