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How do you guys deal with taking time off of work? Honestly, it exhausts me not to work. I had a three day weekend this week (Presidents Day is a State Holiday in CA) and often I'll use some of my hours to take the following day and have a four day weekend. That is now coming to a close and I feel awful. I ate like garbage, napped, didn't exercise as much as I usually do. When I'm doing my regular M-F, I'm more in control of my life and health. But give me a 96 hour break and I fall apart. Ugh.
I kind of agree.
This used to be me. I am a computer geek ir I wasn't working I was on the hamster wheel learning the latest cool language or trying to figure something out, chinese, thai or indian take menus at an arms reach.
I wish I had more words of wisdom other than cliches for you but try to sit back and enjoy life, your are not your work and their is more to life than work.

Not sure how old you guys are but after the trials and tribulations of life I enjoy time off. 

Have you tried a hobby like hiking or volunteering at a homeless shelter?
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I used the day off to go to a park and sit quietly on the banks of a stream for a while, and then met a friend for ice cream. :)  It was a refreshing break from the 24/7 responsibilities of two jobs and two parishes.
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I felt much the same after retiring from the Army, almost to the point of depression. The culture change and pace were hard to adapt to as well.

I tried to keep busy and find purpose by going to university, working a lot, and with cheap entertainment. After retiring for good, I went on a few adventures that filled the void for a while.

I've found that having a simple routine that includes prayer, some sort of learning, physical exercise, and keeping in touch with family does the trick for me. There is definitely a transition period, though.
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Good to know I'm not alone. Luckily the next longer weekend I have is Easter, when I took off for Easter Monday. At least it's not four days!
When I was still working I HATED long weekends and vacations. In fact, when I was in retail, the company had a generous vacation policy, but it was 'use it or lose it'. One time my boss forced me to take a week off, and another time I was 'highly encouraged' to do so 'to save on payroll' (vacation pay wasn't a payroll expense). For me, tho, it was that I didn't want to go back to work after a lengthy break. A two day weekend was no problem but after that third day!
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I used to like going on vacations before my conversions but now I can't stand them. I came back from an 8 day trip to see me sister get married and....NEVER again.
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(02-23-2022, 11:23 AM)Steven Wrote: I used the day off to go to a park and sit quietly on the banks of a stream for a while, and then met a friend for ice cream. :)  It was a refreshing break from the 24/7 responsibilities of two jobs and two parishes.
Our weekends are very similar))) Much depends on how the work week goes. The character of a person is also very important. One likes to sit at the computer all day off, while the other wants to do something interesting, active, and extreme (although spending time at the computer can also be interesting, to learn something new for example). So personal preference comes first. Most of all I like walks in nature (in any weather).
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I try to identify goals I want to accomplish with the time off. Whether it be spending time with the family or doing some house project. That keeps me focused on what I took the time off for originally. It can be difficult to switch from work routine to vacation routine.

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