Pipe smokers?
I was blessed to see Fr. Damien's pipe & specs at a small museum ar the church in Waikiki! A Polynesian choir sang the Mass. Beautiful! :grin: I wonder what kind of 'baccy Fr Damien smoked? I emailed St Augustine by the Sea, and if I hear back I'll post the answer!
Alas, the person who answered my email dosen't know. A black day for hagiography!

Perhaps something might surface. Certainly would be interesting. Most importantly, Fr. Damien is a man of character and faith and he enjoyed a pipe. Great to know, especially for our younger  members :)

I was thinking that all his supplies were brought to Molokai by ship  and there should be the manifests still around to check, Perhaps a good Catholic pipeman in Hawaii would like to take on the hunt?
I had a delightful afternoon with a Peterson 303 and McClelland 2045 Oriental. These little bent apples are built to be clenched. Upon returning home I treated the 303, another much used Peterson 606, and an equally used unfinished Savinelli "second" shape 121 to a good cleanng with Irish Whiskey and set them aside for a much deserved fortnight of rest. Fortunately i have two more fine briars in the rack to tide me over. :)
Everyday pipe smoker here, currently enjoying some Borkum Riff Whiskey blend in a briar.
I picked up my son from the Winter Cotillion. The little bowl on the 303 was perfecr as I walked to the rear of the building and peered insde through the glass doors and spied the dance, Then I retraced my steps to the front of the hotel (Radisson) and by that time finished my bowl. I joined the other parents, pipe in hand, in the lobby bar where they were waiting for the ball to end, In my sate, smoking in public is so very verboten it was a little thrilling to be seen with my pipe in a hotel lobby ( even though it was unlit,)
I recently got to sample Squadron Leader :) It is really nice stuff! I can see why it seems to always be in short supply. I may have to don my leather jacket, pull down my goggles, kick the tires and light the fires on a Sopwith Camel and buzz over to Old Blighty to get some more of this---or maybe put in an order over the internet :grin:
For those needing help in lighting their pipe, I came across this tutorial:
How not to light a pipe---

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