Pipe smokers?
(01-07-2012, 01:06 AM)Hovannes Wrote: For those needing help in lighting their pipe, I came across this tutorial:

How do I deal with the problem of matches going out?
Use wood matches, smoke indoors.
(01-10-2012, 02:46 PM)Graham Wrote: Use wood matches, smoke indoors.

I do, The suckers go out so quick, its ridiculous.
Make sure you're holding the match on a slight tilt past parallel, so that the matchhead is lower than the stick. I've found they burn better that way, since heat and flame reach upward. However given the nature of lighting a pipe it's likely you're already doing this. Other than that ...

I usually get a solid 10-15 seconds from my dollar-store matches and that suffices. Maybe you're sucking too hard, or not hard enough, or packing too densely or not densely enough. Maybe the tobacco you're using is unusually moist.

You could always try a lighter. How long have you been smoking?
I agree with Graham's recommendations, if you're out on the go though, I have found butane lighters such as those used for cigars work well and do not impart an unsavory flavor to the smoke.
Don't give up on the matches, though. Get a different brand, play with a few variables. I'm guessing you haven't been smoking too long. Just get that experience and you'll be doing one match lights 95% of the time.
Wat kind of wooden matches are you using? The ones B&Ms give out are super. The Penely Penny Matches from Chile, sold at the grocery are good too, but the striking strips on the sides of the boxes seem short lived to me. I haven't tried any  Diamonds since they went "green" (IMHO wooden matches should be tipped in red!)
I agree with the others, don't give up on the matches, it's really easy, just feel out the pipe, once you get use to it, it'll be commited to muscle memory and thus a habit. Brands also could be the issue.
When using the match, when you inhale, be sure to inhale very gently while the flame is over the tobacco.  When you have a slight cherry glow in the tobacco, pull the match way and then give a really good inhale to get the bowl going.  Do that until you get the bowl going for good.  I've done it with cheap book matches, so its not so much the match as technique.
With the match held 3/4"  to 1-1/4" over the bowl, the flame should travel down into the 'baccy when you suck and travel up between sucks.
If it doesn't you've got a packing issue.
While the flame is doing it's thing, move the match in a circle around the bowl to ignite as much of the surface as possible. If or when the fire goes out, gently tamp and relight.

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