Pipe smokers?
It's so great to see this thread still going after all these years!  Right now in the muggy weather I admit I'm tending towards cigars, but I'm stocking up on my latakia blends like GL Pease's Blackpoint, ready for fall.

I do smoke a pipe; but I much more commonly smoke cigarettes.

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I occasionaly like the hookah its much milder then huffing a cigar, but cigars are funnier if you think about all the wiseguys and comedians from the old days, and then tell jokes and wave it like groucho marx, or the old boss with a bald head and a beat up chewed on cigar growling out orders or grumbling about something with a dicerning look.  hah.
I would simply like to say, that this thread has been going on since 2006 and I'm happy to see that every single time I make it back FE it's still going. Nice work friends.
Ah last time I had a cigar It was april or so and I had tried to smoke it down quick, but the shop closed and I walked around in 33 degree weather and in sleet and tried to smoke that thing for a good half hour walking around, it was a nice oliva cigar but the experiance was just misery and finaly it just would not stay lit and getting a little soggy from the weather so I tried to take one more draw make sure it was semi cool and no smoke comming out and tossed it into one of the green public trashcans, I saved the band though, as I did with the one pramide havana cuban cigar which was mild as could be and very well constructed as they say the cubans are.
What blends are you all smoking this fall?
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Been over a decade since I've smoked a pipe.  Used to really love the dark cherry blends.  Need to get back into it.  However, must first convince wife.  

(09-10-2018, 01:44 PM)Bonaventure Wrote: Been over a decade since I've smoked a pipe.  Used to really love the dark cherry blends.  Need to get back into it.  However, must first convince wife.


Tell her you've started dipping, and so you'll have spit cans laying around. When she gets mad about that, say "Just kidding, I've started smoking a pipe! No spit cans and it leaves a pleasant aroma!!" :D
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(09-10-2018, 12:51 PM)NorthernTrad Wrote: What blends are you all smoking this fall?

NORTHERN TRAD!!! Where have you been?
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