Faith struggles
Catherine12 Wrote:The verb used in that verse, 'make' is present tense. God does not say, I will make (future tense) all things new, but He says, "Behold, I make (present tense) all things new."

Jesus says he makes all things new after the new heaven and the new earth.

We are the Church Militant, not the Church Triumphant.  I'm sorry, but you are confused. You are trying to declare victory before the battle is over.

Life is a constant battle. This is Catholicism, not A Course in Miracles.
If I let you have the last word, it does not mean that I concede your point.
(05-12-2022, 12:16 PM)SeekerofChrist Wrote:
(05-12-2022, 11:21 AM)Catherine12 Wrote: Perhaps it would have been better to have written: Stop focusing on those things. Focus on God alone. There is a prayer attributed by St. Augustine in which he asks, "Where was I, O Lord, when I was not in my mind with You?" A profound question worthy of deep consideration! God is present always. He's right here. You must, by acts of faith, be convinced that everything that God wills and permits comes from a motive of merciful love on the part of God. Trust Him because He is God.

Yes, that is a better way to have written it.  I've made real progress in resolving this crisis of faith.  That said, acts of faith will only take me so far in fully resolving it.  I have to have a solid foundation for believing "that everything that God wills and permits comes from a motive of merciful love..." 

May I recommend a book? It's called, Heliotropium: Conformity of the the Human Will to the Divine by Fr. Jeremias Drexelius, S.J. TAN books sells it. Here's a part taken from Part II, chapter II of the book:

The word "heliotropium" is the Latin name for an ancient plant which had the unique habit of turning to face the sun at all times. The plant's name is derived from two Greek words: helio, meaning "sun," and tropos, meaning "turn." The Roman writer Pliny wrote of this plant, "I have often spoken of the wonderful property of the heliotrope, which turns itself round with the sun, even on a cloudy day, so great is its love of that luminary. But at night it closes its azure flower, as if from missing its rays."

Thus the heliotrope excellently represents the attitude of the faithful soul toward the Will of God, which is represented by the sun. This sun must ever be gazed upon by us with fixed and unshrinking eye, in whatever direction its course may bend; and this one thing must we ever resolve in our mind: "As it pleases God, so does it please me. The Will of God alone is to me the rule of life and death. As it hath pleased the Lord so shall it be done. Blessed be the Name of the Lord."
"To draw near to Jesus we must be so little." -St. Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face
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