Sewing your own clothes
(04-12-2022, 04:10 PM)QuidHocAdAeternitatem Wrote:
(04-12-2022, 03:09 PM)SeeTheLight Wrote: My mom taught me how to sew. I also took home economics to bake and sew as well. Also note I tied the record for most points in a basketball game in highschool 38, was a pitcher, and football player. I am a masculine guy lol.

Sewing is a great life skill!
That's awesome! My husband's mother taught him to stitch up holes and sew on his buttons when he was young. He's a pretty burly guy, but it's very endearing to me that he can do those things. Although he has me do it now that I'm around, but I don't mind. lol
There is no shame in knowing how to do these things! We should be able to be self sufficient especially given the current climate we are in.

I woodwork, weld, and reload as well.

God bless all and God bless this forum!
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(04-12-2022, 04:43 PM)SeeTheLight Wrote: I woodwork, weld, and reload as well.
I woodwork too if I weren’t so lazy.
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(04-11-2022, 10:58 AM)JacafamalaRedux Wrote: Is anybody out there into this? What are your fave patterns? How did you learn to sew? Did you go to YouTube tutorials or did someone teach you? What's your latest projects. 

I'm a big fan of Silhouette Patterns. The pattern maker is also an excellent teacher and she has a PBS show and also a youtube channel.

I would be more into it if my mom had the time to teach me. She sewed wedding dresses for both my sister and I.

She's helped me complete a few simple sewing projects, but nothing too impressive.

Since the hubs has bought me a sewing machine, I'm hoping to make some clothes that are more forgiving to the changes in figure that mothers have to deal with. If anyone has maternity/nursing patterns they'd like to share, I'd be interested in taking a look and giving it a go!

Some of my husband's old dress shirts with frayed collars and cuffs would also make great source fabric for dress shirts for my sons.
My Mom was an excellent clothes maker for her three daughters! She started sewing when she was fourteen years old, doing piecework. She had to quit school at that age to help put food on the table. She had five sisters and one brother and they lived in two and a half rooms in a large apartment building in Manhattan.
She became an excellent seamstress for her three daughters starting , with a beautiful christening gown with lace inserts. She made awesome clothes for us (Simplicity patterns) and knew which stores to buy beautiful remnants from.

I tried to follow in her footsteps but disliked trying to make a simple skirt once. One day, at age fifty, while in a variety store I purchased a book about how to quilt - that fascinated me. I started with making potholders, then place mats, and now all my children have a lap quilt for their living room. I did make one bed quilt which is in my guest room.

Now I make greeting cards with pressed flower petals and leaves! :)
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I started sewing by making quilts; machine quilts. It was right after I had my appendix out and I was on disability for a couple weeks. It was a lot of fun!

Let's hear more about your greeting cards! Would you please start up a thread about that? Or have you already? It sort of sounds familiar.
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I am a guy but honeslty I would like to learn how to sew. I think it is a great skill. My grandma was a Sicilian immigrant and she was great at all this, sewing, knitting, all that. She and the other Sicilian ladies would sometimes work as tailors. She has passed on. May she rest in peace.
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I dip in and out of it (the activity of sewing that is) but I'd be lying if I said I made a prolific number of garments or that I was better than average at the skill. I have a pair of jogging (only with me they are for lounging) pants on the go at present but I've put them on the back burner because I've had some trouble with a swollen jaw/face because of some tooth decay (didn't see the dentist for a couple of years during the Covid quarantine) and I've been on some very strong antibiotics the last few days. That said, there isn't much left to do on the project though I've managed to damage the spindle shaft on my sewing machine so I'll have to get that repaired.

I sewed a skirt at school when I was about 10 (a gathered skirt and managed to have the pattern going in different ways on the back and front). My mother showed me the basics. I went to an evening class when I was about 21-22 which was helpful and after that when I bought patterns I tried to build myself up gradually and sew garments which would slowly build up my skills.

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