New Peeps!
(04-23-2022, 11:11 PM)Blind Horus Wrote:
Quote:I also love my coffee, so imagine my surprise as I came out of my bedroom to set my computer up on my 'day desk', the kitchen table, to find a package of coffee flavoured Peeps sitting there!

It doesn't take much to make life worth living
No it does not. My work and get monotonous and the other day I prayed that there would be a spill to break the monotony and lo and behold a spill of chicken stock. Made work much less tedious.
"If we do not supply the chains, who will chain the supplies?"

Karl Marx I PROMISE it will work this time Vol 3

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A German...possibly
I used to despise peeps when I was a kid, but its one of the types of foods you learn to love as you grow overtime.
I walked by Peeps cereal in the store earlier today. Diabetes in a box.
“Love is sweeter than life.” -St. Isaac of Syria

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