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Do y'all all get why Bob got a Nobel Prize
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Oh, where are the snows of yesteryear!
(05-12-2022, 05:06 PM)VoxClamantis Wrote: OK now. If this doesn't kill the FishEaters lull and lively up the place, what will? I present Sebastian Cabot -- yes, Mr. French himself -- reciting Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" as only a Gentleman's Gentleman could:

I'm not sure whether to serve Beef Wellington or Alice B. Toklas's brownies with this video. What do you think, Fishies?
It doesn't have to be an "either/or" situation, ya know...:-)
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(05-12-2022, 09:51 PM)J Michael Wrote: It doesn't have to be an "either/or" situation, ya know...:-)

J Michael: A Man Who Knows How to Live :P
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