Artificial Intelligence is getting spooky
Elon Musk is quite the guy alright. He is big into AI and even wants to create Neural interfaces with human brains, so AI has direct access. Ya, can't see any problem with that...actually, I can't see this being anything good save to pump up some 'scientist's' ego.
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Its no wonder truth is stranger than fiction.
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All War is Deception
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George Orwell
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Steven Hawking said that AI would either be the best thing or the worst thing that ever happend to mankind. If we are not careful it may become the last thing. 

Given the cast of characters in high tech, I have been employed in high tech since the 80s, my guess is it will become the later. Something like the episode of Black Mirror entitled Metal Head to track down all those that don't agree with their twisted agendas.
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