Possible outcome of Synodal path - new tools required, could it be?
I see discussions here... I have read some statements and intermediary conclusions from the Synodal path in our country... well the professional theologians could not write better and they call those the summary of listening. I should be proud about our parishes if they are really capable to produce something like that. The leading cardinal is visiting our country and I wounder what he will think what is happening here?

I have not participated in the single meeting in our parishes because the course has been already predetermined by the speeches of our archbishop which is quite conservative. And because I see what people are writing as responses to the posts by parish priests on FB. I am not sure that the dialogue and exchange is possible currently.

I feel. If the aim of the Synodal path was the listening and the gaining insight how the believing people are living their faith and what challenges are here, then the Synodal path is spectacularly failed.

I guess - new tools will be needed? And I guess they will be found? The current state is not acceptable.

I am trying to image that the aim of Pope Francis and the Roman Curia was to engage the believers into the exchange of experiences what the mindful and essentially good and productive spirituality is and it can bear fruits in the contemporary world. And how the inner spirituality of worldly world (as manifested in the ethics, NGOs, social movements, charity organisations etc.) can be joined and mutually inbred with the inherited spirituality of the Church and channeled in the renewal of spirituality according to the Signs of Times. But this breakthrough has not happened this Spring, something has been missing from the process.

Nonetheless, any action brings new experience and now the Pope and Curia has experience. It may be not so good, but still, it can inform the next steps.

I am praying for the Church!
This link pretty much sums up the synodal path for me...  The synodal path will be catastrophic for the Church...

Full Text: ‘Fraternal Open Letter of Correction’ Issued to German Bishops
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-- Pope St. Gregory

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I think Arnaud is talking about the synod on synodality, not the German synodal way.

But honestly it's hard to tell what he's talking about half the time.
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