The Truth about Japanese Restaurants

The Truth About Japanese Restaurants

Oh man, thats so funny :laughing:
Too funny!

But seriously, Truth About Japanese Restaurants: If you see "discount sushi", run for the hills; if they are on the hills, run the other way.
Come on, surely it's worse than that!
[Image: laff.gif]  I'm not a fan of Japanese food.
I loovvee Japanese food!  Especially sushi (can I say that?). lol  I've never had to take my shoes off or sing the Copacabana (sp?).  If I had to do that I might not like it so much.  (Neither have I sat on the floor).  Boy, they are almost describing Moroccan food.  I've not tried that either.  I'd like to though.
Very hilarious. I wonder if it's true?
TradCathYouth Wrote:Very hilarious. I wonder if it's true?

Definitely not.
That's very funny. [Image: laff.gif]
Tempura supposedly got its name from the Jesuit missionaries.  Something to do with Paschal Time... I forget.  But Tempura is supposedly derived from the Latin word Tempore, and had to do with the dish being made during Lent or something.
Maybe I'll find the reference someday.
I can't eat Sushi.  God invented fire for a reason. [Image: wink.gif]  I will eat California Rolls (yes, it's "fake Japanese") and other Japanese food though.
Now I'm hungry.

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