More News About the Pope's Plans
Oh, so its cool? Apologies to you Brennus [Image: truce.gif]
Brennus Wrote:Nunc, that's cute.
In all seriousness though. The Dalai Lama represents a pagan religion that is somewhat civilized, in the sense that many of the ancient pagans were civilized, like the Stoics, for example. St. Paul redily went to such people.
Now, I want to you to imagine something. What if the Dalai Lama converted to Catholic Christianity. It would be fabulous. We should pray for that. 
Also, he adn the pope have something in common. Each is a spiritual leader whose office also included governing a secular state. Each was deprived of his secular rule by modernist regimes. That happened to the pope more than a century ago. It happened to this guy about 50 years ago. There's sort of a common ground there. There's nothing wrong with them talking aobu that. 
The Dalai Lama's followers are in a predicament. They don't know how they will replace him when he dies. Many of their teachers doubt it can be done outside Tibet. If he is truly a man seeking truth, maybe he would pray properly and convert.
Just a nice thought.
HOWEVER, If Our Holy Father converts to Tibetan Buddhism I will come to wherever it is you live and you can kick my ass up and down the main street.

Yeah exactly, I never heard of a Tibetan Buddhist suicide bombing a Confucian temple or a Shinto shrine....
Or beheading a Mahayana Buddhist then issueing a fatwa against all other Mahayana Buddhists

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