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I decided to set up a forum specifically for topics pertaining to science, technology, natural wonders, and curiosities but thought I'd best explain what ISN'T meant by "curiosities": I don't mean "news of the weird" (that's for the Pig Roast forum), and I don't mean great stories of heroic animals, or pics of cutie animals (that, too, is for Pig Roast).
This forum is for articles, video, audio, pictures, etc. that pertain to science, the history of science, natural phenomena, strange inventions, particularly clever inventions, odd collections of natural wonders, extraordinary human genius, strange aspects of History, etc. -- the sort of thing one often finds at the Athanasius Kircher Society Blog -- things that evoke wonder, gratitude, and awe at God's creation and His gift of reason to man, allowing man to manipulate creation to our benefit.
I've moved a few posts, mostly from Pig Roast, that best belong here, but am anxious to see what sorts of things will end up in this forum!
Great idea, Vox . . . thanks! :clink:
Science, Technology, Natural Wonders, and Curiosities - This forum

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