How our "do-goodism" harms the Ethiopian people
From the BBC:
Ethiopia food aid 'habit' worsens
Ethiopia is locked into a vicious downward spiral of food aid dependency, a crop monitoring agency has warned.
The Famine Early Warning System says 10.4 million people are dependent on aid and Ethiopia has a chronically high level of food insecurity.
Its report says government measures to reduce this number are failing and the number of people unable to feed themselves will go on rising.
Imported food aid is running at more than 700,000 tonnes a year.
This aid is successful at helping people overcome their immediate needs, Fews says, but it undermines local markets.
Imported food, donated mainly by the United States, depresses the price paid to local farmers, reducing their incentives to invest in better agriculture.
Even in years of good harvests the outlook is bleak, with Ethiopia's food production stagnant, and the country's birth-rate pushing up the current population of 77 million by two million a year.
It says the current harvest outlook is good, but comes on the back of recent poor harvests.
Quote: I posted about this phenomenon a long time ago, here in this thread. It is an interview with an African economist who goes into great detail about how we often do more harm than good, in spite of our good intentions. My two cents on what Christians should do who are concerned about Ethiopia are there, not that they matter for much LOL I am unfamiliar with Ethiopian culture, but if it's matriarchal, there's no temporal hope until (sane, CATHOLIC, non-woman-hating) patriarchy is in place there (see the old Garbage Generation I am always pushing for more on that matter).
This is like an extreme version of the welfare state they are building in the US.  It's a kind of enslavement in a sense.  And the conspiracy sense in me thinks it's not necessarily by accident.  When you control someone's food supply, you control them.
We should always help those in need, but part of helping them is (gack - I hate this word) empowering them to help themselves.

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