Your a brave man Eric...
That looks interesting, but I don't think I'll ever get around to trying it (unless someone else cooks it for me.) 
Butter under the skin would be a good idea- or lay some of the extra skin on top.  A piece of foil on the breast would probably keep it nice and moist as well.  I've put lemon slices under the breast skin of fowl before too, if lemon is a flavor you want.
And while you prepare this, here's an odd little ditty to go with it: The Turducken Song
I've never met a person who has had it so our interest has been growing for about a year.  I'm pretty sure it's never a project I would take on, making it from scratch.  But we are thinking of purchasing this:
[Image: 5026_d.jpg]
Since we are only two people (well, three technically) we don't need much, so this turducken roll would be neat to try.  It's made with a turkey breast rolled around the duck and chicken, stuffed with creole sausage stuffing.
Aviano Wrote:Wow. Complicated and totally unappealing to me. I think all the flavors would be overwhelming, and sweet potato eggplant gravy doesn't sound very good.
Anyway, enjoy your turducken

I love Chef Paul to death, but the sweet potato eggplant gravy sounds a little too much... I think we will just have the regular fixin's with the turducken, nothing special.  As far as complicated, I can't agree more.  I was enamored when I realized what this thing was and what it takes to make one.  Can it get more complicated? ;)  And...of course I googled that and yes, it can!  Here's a short history.
If we do get it (I'm pretty sure we will) I will definately post a review. 
Quote: I've heard from a trusted source that XXXX is disgusting..
I used to like you Eric. Now I just know you as the bloke with the really bad tie. [Image: exorcist.gif][Image: chainsaw2.gif]
Well duckies!!

I'm cooking this for Christmas Lunch this year BUT I am adding a goose. He is looking at me through the window while I type!

The butcher is getting me a boned turkey, duck and chicken but I have to dress (or undress as the case may be) the goose me self 'cos I cannot find one dressed (undressed)

Anyway, we'll be eating a Turgoodunken for our celebration of Jesus Christ's birthday!

I'll be including fruit into the stuffing big time. ie cranberry with the turkey, apple with the goose, orange with the duck, pineapple with the chicken.

It will be a fantastic cold meat for the days following!
Nicollette, did you have it?  How was it?
QuisUtDeus Wrote:Nicollette, did you have it?  How was it?

Sorry, I didn't see this thread pop back up. The answer is no. Between DH's school work and me being so tired and in pain we decided to do a very, very small Thanksgiving. Actually, (and I'm not sure if this is some kind of strange pregnancy side-effect) I can't eat much at all, so I ate one piece of turkey and some potatoes and dressing. As we actually shopped in our local NE grocery store for everything to go with the turkey we bought the day before and we actually stumbled on Tony Chachere's Turducken, but it served 30 people...choke.

We decided that if we ever get back to New Orleans and we run across it on the menu then we'll have to try it. But the at-home project has been put on the back burner for now. I'm a little disappointed but then again I seem to be down to eating only apples, oranges and avacodoes with lots of red pepper. C'est la vie.

Turducken a huge success for Christmas lunch.

I left out the goose. Under the feathers he was about 50 years old so the dogs had an early Christmas feast.

Happy and Holy Christmas dinner to ye all.

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