Fish Eaters: The Whys and Hows of Traditional Catholicism

John 14:6 "Dicit ei Iesus, 'Ego sum Via et Veritas et Vita; nemo venit ad Patrem nisi per Me'"


Jesus handing Keys to Peter, by Raffaelo


A challenge to all non-Catholic Christians
Catholicism 101: A Brief Primer
Books for non-Catholic Christians

The Most Holy Trinity

The Bible

Sola Scriptura
The Canon of the Bible


The Church as Hierarchical

The Early Church
Was Peter the First Pope?
Calling priests "Father"



Grace, Faith, and Works

The Communion of Saints

Communion of Saints
Purgatory: The Final Theosis


The Sacraments

The Eucharist


End Times

End Times
Dispensationalism, Israel, & the Church



The Church & The Ten Commandments
Sacramentals I
Sacramentals II
Sunday Worship
Do Catholics pray in "vain repetitions?"
The Crusades
The Spanish Inquisition
The Church, Pope Pius XII, & the Nazis
The Vatican is Too Rich!
Clergy Sexual Abuse



15-Lesson Catholic Study
13-Lesson Bible Study
Conversion Stories:

Anti-Catholic to Catholic (J. White's sister)

From Jewish to Catholic
From Drug Addict to Catholic Priest

From Orthodox to Catholic
Muslim to Catholic Part I
Muslim to Catholic Part II


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